2023 MV Images

1s - 2s Curriculum

March 5th - 12th

March 19th - March 26th

3s - 5s Curriculum

March 5th

March 12th

 March 19th

March 26th

 Elementary Curriculum

March 5th || Catechism Question #26

Big Idea: God's redemptive work in Jesus benefits his creation as well as his creatures.

March 12th || Catechism Qusestion #27

Big Idea: Only those who are united to Christ, having been elected by God before the creation of the world, will be saved.

March 19th || Catechism Question #28

Big Idea: Eternal separation and punishment will be the everlasting reality for those who are not united to Christ by faith.

March 26th || Catechism Question #29

Big Idea: Only through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can we be saved from the punishment we rightly deserve from God.


All kids from the ages 3 and up will be learning catechism questions 26 - 29! You can download the app to follow along with what we teach in the classroom!