Beacon Kids exists to partner with parents to disciple their children into friendship with God and one another.

Here are a few things you can expect while your child is in Beacon Kids:  

How do I check my child in? Check-In begins 15 minutes before service at 9:45. When you come into the building, there will be a Beacon Kids sign and a table where our Beacon Kids team can check your child in!

What will my child do while in Beacon Kids? In Beacon Kids, your child will learn from Scripture, build friendships with their peers, and participate in activities that reinforce the lesson. Additionally, after parents receive communion, they are dismissed to pick up their children for family worship.

Where do I pick up my child? After you have received communion, you will pick your child up at the classroom you dropped them off at.

Is there anything I need to bring? Nope! You’re welcome to bring a diaper bag, but we have extra diapers available!

What if my child needs me in service? If we, or your child, needs you for any reason, we will send you a text using our check-in system!

What safety measures do you have in place? Our volunteers are trained using a 5 step-safety policy. Each volunteer in Beacon Kids has passed a background check and MinistrySafe training.

Additionally, no adults are allowed in the classroom unless they have been trained and screened. If you’d like to walk into the classroom with your child, we’d be more than happy to walk in with you!

If you have any additional questions about safety, please email Hannah Randall.

Preschool Overview (Birth - 5 years old)
In our Preschool Ministry, children will learn stories from the whole Bible that are based on one of five foundational truths. Additionally, children will practice a memory verse and catechism. We have memory verse calendars and catechism books for you to take home!

Elementary Overview (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade)
In our Elementary Ministry, children will learn a different catechism each week. These catechisms are a collection of questions and answers designed for memorization - to teach the core doctrines of the faith and tease out how we should respond. Each catechism question is tied to the Scriptures. We teach from the Scriptures and help parents proclaim to the next generation who God is and what He has done. We have memory verse calendars and catechism books for you to take home!

You can download the free New City Catechism app here!

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