What are Meetups?

Meetups are social gatherings hosted by Beacon Church members and focused on a certain interest or activity. Depending on the activity or interest, they may be limited to a certain age group or gender, but apart from that they are open to any who want to join. This makes them a great way to build relationships with neighbors and community members who may not be Christian.

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What are Meetups for?

At Beacon Church, we make disciples of Jesus Christ through friendship with God and one another. True friendship is a ministry. However, friendship takes time to grow, and if our calendars are too full of church programs and service, that can make it difficult to invest time in friendships or to do the things we find restful and restorative. Meetups are a way of pursuing friendship and serving the church at the same time. They enable you to do what you love, serve your church, and serve your neighbors all at once, by creating opportunities for people to connect–regardless of whether or not they are Christians or belong to Beacon Church.

When and Where do Meetups happen?

There are no location or time requirements for Meetups. Most meetups recur weekly or monthly, but some are one-time events, and others are just “Interest Groups.” Interest Groups are how Beacon members find others who share an interest before nailing down a time and a place. For example: you might need 4 players to play a certain game, so once 4 people sign up for an Interest Group, the host can get in touch with them to make specific plans.

How can I host a Meetup?

Meetups are about doing what you love with other people: just think of what you do for fun (or would like to do), and consider committing to doing it regularly as a Meetup so others can join in. When you’re ready to host a Meetup, just contact Holland at hcoleman@beaconchurchtx.com and he’ll help you get it set up. You’ll need to provide some details on your meeting location and times, and a brief description so people know what your group is all about.

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